Training Officer - Jacob Litchfield SEND Email

General Meeting first Monday of the Month at 7.30pm

(excl Public Holidays when the meeting will be the following Monday)

Training - second and fourth Monday of each month from 7.30pm 

Maintenance - third Monday of each month from 7.30pm 

Download a copy of the next three months Training Program here:

Training Calendar - Download.







This Competency Maintenance Kit is designed to help Brigades in their local training activities practice 
and revise knowledge and skills. More will be uploaded here in due course.

        Nozzles, which is best?

                                   Read the info from RFS

Nozzles which is the best.pdf Nozzles which is the best.pdf
Size : 0.017 Kb
Type : pdf
Subject 1: Tanker Overrun Scenario
click on link below.


CMK_Tanker Overrun_Version3_DRAFT.pdf CMK_Tanker Overrun_Version3_DRAFT.pdf
Size : 0.552 Kb
Type : pdf




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