Kurrajong Rural Fire Brigade’s history is available in booklet form – contact the Brigade if you’re interested in a copy. The booklet was issued in celebration of what we believed at the time to be our 60th year in service. However, it is with regret that due to missing/lost brigade and council records etc. that some information had not been collated or verified. Accuracy of information is easily lost in interpretation. The older the document, the less information is recorded but rather committed to memory. 

We now know that the Brigade was formed through a series of meetings held in Kurrajong during the winter and spring of 1939 at the instigation of the local Police which culminated with official recognition and establishment by Colo Shire Council on 15th December 1939. 

Station History

  • 1939-1963: Equipment and vehicles were kept wherever space was available, mainly at Hurst’s shop (on the main street)
  • 1963: Kurrajong received a shed which cost roughly £800.
  • 1979: A newer, larger shed replaced the older shed
  • 2014: A training room was added on the right of the shed.


Captain: John Vernon
Senior Dep. Captain: David Buckett
Deputy Captains

  • Peter Jones
  • Peter Dawson
  • Terry Buckett
  • Vanessa Browning
  • Micheal Cumming
  • Larry Lane
  • John Gray
President: Ken Pullen
Secretary: Kathleen Longley
Treasurer: Micheal Cumming
Community Engagement: Kathleen Longley
Station Officer: Daniel Longley
Training Officer: David Buckett